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Single and three phase soft starters

The Actron Controls soft starter was successfully launched in 1992 resulting in over 17 years of experience in the market. We support original equipment manufacturers in Australia, Korea, Spain, Poland, UAE and France.

Our soft starter is engineered to address power authority concerns with excess compressor inrush current and has full EU electrical certification. Available in single phase or three phase, the soft starter is designed to reduce the starting current on compressors to a maximum of 45 Amps. Actron Controls can also customise the current limits to suit the application.


  • Automatic adjustment to motor current means there is no need to individually calibrate on installation
  • Compressor start up noise is reduced by up to 50%
  • Reduces light flicker caused by excess inrush current
  • One model covers a wide range of compressors
  • Onboard fault diagnosis & motor protection modes make service easy
Technical Specifications
Single Phase Soft Starter
Three Phase Soft Starter
Voltage range: 185Vac to 264Vac max. Up to 6 HP / 20 kW
Voltage range: 360Vac to 440Vac max. Up to 15 HP / 52 kW