Actron Controls


Q. My filter light is flashing, what does this mean?
A. This is a reminder that the return air filter needs to be checked for dust build up - refer to manufacturers guidelines on how to do this - light on wall control will turn off by pressing the on/off button on the wall control. 

Q.Are Actron Air controllers compatible with the Leasam control system?
A. No Leasam branded controllers should only be used with corresponding leasam control systems.

Q.What warranty period does ActronControls offer on its product range?
A. ActronControls offers a 12 month warranty.

Q. The run light on my controller is flashing, what does this mean?
A. This indicates that the unit is performing a maintenance routine such as a defrost cycle.

Q. My desired temperature range (set point) cannot be adjusted although the function was available previously, what can I do to fix the problem?
A. Please refer to to the "Adjusting upper and lower set point range" in your installation instructions. (See Technical data web page)

Q. How do I program my 7-day timeclock settings?
A. Please refer to your product operating guide for step by step instructions. (See Technical data web page)

Q. Do ActronControls Air Conditioning controller systems come complete with an integrated de-ice control?
A. No, We offer the D7CPU. A separate condenser management product compatible with all Leasam A/C systems with de-ice capabilities.

Q. How many Leasam BM2 7-day controllers can be fitted to a BM2 series control system?
A. Only one BM2 7-Day controller can be fitted to any BM2 series controller system,acceptable combinations of dual wall control configurations include: 2 X BM2-24H-4Z/GP or 1 X BM2-7D-4Z/GP & 1 X BM2-24H-4Z/GP.

Q. Can the sensor on any BM2 or B512 control series be calibrated for greater temperature accuracy if required?
A. Yes, The sensor/s can be calibrated to +/- 2.5 degrees C per sensor. (See installation instructions for further guidance)

Q. What type of cable is recommended for interconnection of wall controller and relay module on Leasam controllers?
A. Four-Core shielded data cable is recommended for the BM2 series controllers. B512 & LE75 control systems can operate on Two-Core shielded data cable.

Q. What is the maximum recommended shielded data cable length for stable operation of Leasam control systems? 
A. Any system containing one BM2-24H-4Z/GP wall control        = 30 metres max length
    Any system containing one BM2-7D-4Z/GP wall control           = 40 metres max length
    Any system containing two BM2 series controls (7D or 24H)  = 20 metres max length (each wall control)
    Any system containing one B512 series wall control                = 50 metres max length
    Any system containing one LE75 series wall control                = 30 metres max length

Q. Does the single phase soft starter have EU compliance?
A. Yes